What is Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that challenges creativity, sparks innovation, and builds character. Being one of
the biggest international competitions, tennis is easily one of the best ways to compete in our
modern society. There are 4 major grand slam tournaments that happen globally, as well as
various junior competitions such as USTA and UTR

How can I play Tennis?

Tennis is a game of skill, precision, and power. It is necessary to use techniques that follow
patterns to maximize the potential of these three components. The first part of the tennis game
is the serve. For the serve, it is vital to use maximum power in order to catch the opponents off
guard, while also using precision to delicately place the ball in the perfect position. The next
thing is to master the forehand and the backhand. Both of these techniques must be used in a
way to maximize speed and spin. Overall, with these three necessary strokes mastered, one
can excel in every way with tennis.


Most tennis matches are played in the best of 3 sets, while some major international
competitions are played in best of 5 sets. Every set is divided into 6 games. In each of these
games, the players compete to win 4 points against each other. Each point is recorded as 15-0,
30-0, 40-0, and then game. After every odd number of games, the players switch sides, and
every game the players switch serving roles. Once the game score becomes 40-40, a deuce is
played, where a player must score 2 points in a row to win the entire game.

How can I compete?

Competing in tennis can be accomplished through various tennis leagues around the nation.
One of the most popular leagues is the USTA. The USTA is a tennis foundation that gives tennis
athletes the opportunity to sign up to play against people with or higher than their skill level.