How To Succeed In Freshman Year

It’s your first year of high school and you’re making a big transition from middle school to high school. New subjects, teachers, teaching styles, and more!


Getting Ready

Going to high school also changes the timings from when your start and get out of school so it’s recommended by the CDC to get 8-10 hours of sleep from the ages 13-18 where high school takes place for the average student as they and their mind start to adapt to longer periods of staying up. This can also help to focus in school, remembering things, not stressing your brain, and being awake during the day.


Keeping Track Of Work & Studies

Going to high school also gives lots of work and sometimes keeping track is hard and using a planner and writing all your work, assignments, and projects in a planner and when there due is very helpful incase you forget one or just to cross out instead of accidentally redoing an assignment when done. And keeping track of studies is taking notes during class at least not very long notes just some notes to get a gist and remember it in the long run.


How To Relearn Something You Don’t Get

Sometimes teachers can skip through and you might miss the core of a topic you just can’t seem to figure out the topic. Most teachers offer tutorials where they go slow or reteach using one on one.There are also options like khan academy or private tutoring centers.


Remembering In The Long Run

If you’re taking notes or anything but coming to the final test or if you’re teaching someone else it’s always important to practice what you’ve learned so it’s in your head so if you need it later it’s like getting a book at the library.


Getting Into Sports In Highschool

Doing sports in high school is a big jump from middle school P.E and athletics programs with them having more competition, long game times,a lot more games/tournaments than middle school. One way is to be fit all times for the sport and also keep up with your work sometimes these can go from 5am – 11pm for tennis spring tournaments